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There’s French and then there’s Canadian French. We master the subtleties of both. And we work fast.

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One of the advantages of working with a veteran French Canadian copywriter is the perfect understanding of the North American culture, as the above sell sheet shows.

There are definite advantages in choosing Communications PDG for your French copywriting or English to French translation.


Communications PDG prides itself on its countless years of experience and expertise, dealing with major American, English Canadian and French Canadian clients.

Knowledge of Canadian French and International French

There's French. And then there's Canadian French. We have a strong knowledge of both. Working out of the French province of Québec in Canada, Communications PDG knows and understands both the English and French communities of North America. We are as comfortable with North American French (québécois) as we are with international French.

Fast Turn-Around, Personal Service

Communications PDG being a small firm, you get a quick response and immediate attention, even on nights and weekends.

Personal Service

Again, being small, Communications PDG is able to offer personalized service. With us, you're not just another number.